at interest 意味

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  • 利子{りし}を付けて
  • and interest:    利子付き
  • in the interest of:    ~の利益のために、~の利益{りえき}にかなって
  • interest:    1interest n.(1) 興味, 趣味, 感興, 関心(事), おもしろさ; 重要(性).【動詞+】The book absorbed my interest.この本に私は夢中になったIt acquires additional interest from the fact that….それは…という事実のためにさらに興味を引くI first acquired an interest i


  1. on the other hand , shidosen that was to pay for the upkeep of a temple and memorial services was exempt from the decree , even when it was put out at interest .
  2. also , they took the place of the ruling-class since ancient times , forced the public into a servile position through suikyo (land lease at interest ) and became dominant local governors of the people .
  3. there were diverse methods of raising funds for the operation , securing food and other supplies for a fuseya , such as owning newly cultivated land , setting aside stipends called fuchi that were attached to official services , and loaning out rice plants at interest in the form of suiko (government loans , often seed rice , made to peasants in japan from the 7th through 12th centuries ).
  4. kanno is a term covering very wide-ranging concepts , it included the maintenance of irrigation facilities , lend-lease and benefit of seeds and agriculture fees ( " suikyo ," land lease at interest was also included ), the allocation of farm lands , the organization of the agricultural labor , the development of denuded lands , the up-down adjustment of the tax rate , and so on .


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