at the cutting edge 意味

  • 最先端{さいせんたん}[最前線{さいぜんせん}]で[に]
  • at the cutting edge of:    ~の最先端{さいせんたん}[最前線{さいぜんせん}]で[に]
  • cutting edge:    {形} :
  • cutting-edge:    {形} : 最先端{さいせんたん}の[を行く]、最新鋭{さいしんえい}の、最前線{さいぜんせん}の


  1. out of timber very much at the cutting edge .
  2. yes ! the president of the mineral water company at the cutting edge ...
    そうです アルマジロ社の社長にして ウォーター業界の Cutting Edge!
  3. this has been realized by having so-called functionally-gradated structure that the cutting edge is hard , and the hardness is gradually decreased to the core , which makes compressive residual stress generate at the cutting edge .


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