at the highest 意味

  • {1} : 最高の位置[地位]に
    {2} : いくら高くても、せいぜい、たかだか
  • highest:    highest n. 最高.【前置詞+】It will not be much more than one hundred dollars at the highest.それはどんなに高くても 100 ドルをあまり出まいI do not think prices are at their highest.物価は最高だとは思わないwhen his reputation was at its hi
  • in the highest:    最も高い所に
  • at highest risk:    最も危ない、非常{ひじょう}にリスクの高い


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  1. i'd be able to influence policy at the highest levels .
  2. the homicide rate is at the highest in 40 years .
  3. at the highest level among actual decisionmakers .
  4. at the highest standard the technology will allow
    その時 技術的に可能な 最高の水準に従うだけです
  5. that doesn't have people at the highest levels
    政府の上層部に そのことを理解する


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