at the initiative of 意味

発音を聞く:   at the initiative ofの例文
  • ~の主導{しゅどう}で
  • initiative:    initiative n. 主導(権), 率先, イニシアチブ; 独創力, 企業心; 発議権.【動詞+】He abandoned the initiative to her.主導権を彼女に譲ったdemonstrate one's initiative主導権を発揮するdestroy initiative進んでことに当たる精神を殺すThe city displayed initiative in
  • on the initiative of:    ~の指揮の下に、~の主導{しゅどう}で、~が先頭{せんとう}に立って
  • a peace initiative:    a peace initiative和平工作わへいこうさく


  1. especially , tenpo-tsuho issued following the advice of mitsunori goto who was gokin aratame-yaku was casted at the initiative of kin-za .
  2. unlikely to the initial purpose of the establishment of shaso , many shaso warehouses were constructed at the initiative of the dominant class of people who were embracing the doctrines of zhu xi (neo-confucianism ) in japan and therefore , the mixture with giso warehouses constructed by the dominant class of people was spread .
  3. his connection with hagoita illustration appeared to be maintained throughout his life , because it is assumed there used to be a stone monument inscribed with kunichika ' s death poem at honryu-ji temple that read " now that i am tired of drawing portraits of every day people , i could try drawing portrayals of enma lord of death and oni ogres ," which was founded at the initiative of oshi-e painter kanemaru yukawa .
    国周の墓所である本龍寺には、現存してはいないが、押絵師湯川周丸を発起人とした国周の辞世句「よの中の人の似かおもあきたれば ゑむまや鬼の生きうつしせむ」を刻んだ碑があったといわれるので、終生、羽子板絵とのかかわりが保たれたのだろう。


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