at the present day 意味

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  • 現今{げんこん}では、現在{げんざい}、現代{げんだい}において、今は、現代{げんだい}では


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  1. the event was the origin of the bean-scattering festival that is held at setsubun at the present day .
  2. at the present day , there is a tumulus of ietaka in 5 yuhigaoka-cho , tennoji-ku , osaka city (allegedly the tomb of fujiwara no ietaka ).
  3. the heyday was probably too short to be known and most people don ' t know about the existence of nikakuso at the present day .
  4. at the present day not only empress , but also crown prince , imperial princes , their wives and imperial princesses also attend the shinko .
  5. at the present day , choshi and tokkuri ware treated as almost same things , but , in the edo period , they were completely different things .


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