at the receiving 意味

  • 《be ~》受ける側である、攻撃{こうげき}の的になる、~で嫌{いや}な思いをしている
  • receiving:    receiving接客せっきゃく応対おうたい収得しゅうとく受けうけ受け入れうけいれ博はくばく収受しゅうじゅ受納じゅのう
  • at the receiving end:    {1} : 受ける[受け取る?受信{じゅしん}する]側で--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : (攻撃{こうげき}?非難{ひなん}などに)的になって
  • at the receiving end of:    ~を受ける側で[に]、~の受信者{じゅしん しゃ}[受領者{じゅりょうしゃ}]側で[に]The company found itself on [at] the receiving end of retaliatory action.You may find yourself on [at] the receiving end of a prosecution if he realizes w


  1. at the receiving end of the critic's commentary is the actor .


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