at twice 意味

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  • at twíce
    (1) ?=in TWICE .
    (2) 2度目に.
  • in twice:    in twíce 2 度に分けて.
  • twice:    twice又とまたと二回にかい再度さいど倍ばい二倍にばい
  • twice as:    2倍~なRaising twins was twice as rough, but it was also twice as enjoyable. 双子{ふたご}を育てるのは2倍大変{ばい たいへん}だったが楽しさも2倍だった。


  1. china has grown at twice the rate of india .
  2. his pigs grow at twice the normal speed
  3. men drown at twice the rate of women
  4. at twice human artery pressure .
    人の動脈の倍の血圧で 血を流しています
  5. if you wanna keep working here , you need to follow up with psych at twice a week .
    週に2度の面談を受けなさい - わかった?


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