atmospheric conditions 意味

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  • 大気条件{たいき じょうけん}
  • resistance to atmospheric conditions:    resistance to atmospheric conditions大気抵抗性[化学]; 耐大気性[化学]
  • standard atmospheric conditions:    standard atmospheric conditions標準状態[化学]〈99R3410:ガラス繊維用語〉
  • atmospheric:    {形-1} : 大気{たいき}のStorms can be caused by changes in atmospheric pressure. あらしは、気圧の変化によって発生する。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 雰囲気{ふんいき}のある、ムードのあ


  1. the position that manages onmyoryo to supervise all work related to astronomy , the calendar , wind/clouds and atmospheric conditions , when abnormal conditions occur , to seal the record to make sure information is not leaked outside and private reports to the emperor (tenmon misso (reporting unusual astronomical phenomena to the emperor )) , to submit the new year ' s calendar developed by reki hakase by november 1 of the year (goryakuso (submission of the next year ' s calendar )) , and reporting the outcome of senzei and chiso to the emperor each time they are performed .


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