atom approximation 意味

  • 原子近似{げんし きんじ}
  • approximation:    approximation n. 接近, 近似; 概算.【形容詞 名詞+】If it wasn't the whole truth, it was a close approximation to the truth.それは事実をすべて述べていないまでも事実に近いThat is the closest approximation of overhead expenses we can obta
  • atom:    atom n. 〔物理 化学〕 原子; 微小分子.【動詞+】He doesn't have an atom of common sense.彼には常識のかけらもないWas it Rutherford who first split the atom?初めて原子を分裂させたのはラザフォードでしたか.【+動詞】The two atoms join a benzene ring.その 2 個の原子が
  • atom of:    スズメの涙ほどの、微量の


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