attractive appearance 意味

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  • 魅力的{みりょく てき}な外観{がいかん}
  • for its attractive appearance:    見た目の良さで
  • very attractive in appearance:    《be ~》外観{がいかん}がとても魅力的{みりょくてき}だ
  • attractive:    attractive adj. 人目を引く, 魅力のある; 引力のある.【副詞】aesthetically attractive審美的に引かれるbe bewitchingly attractive(女性が性的に)魔力があるように魅力的であるShe is exceedingly attractive.絶大な魅力があるbe exquisitely attractiveこの上なく魅力的であるThes


  1. it is said that ito won popularity due to his attractive appearance and eloquence .
  2. this lady (koshosho ) has a very attractive appearance and makes others feel happy by using flattery without affection , so yoshikage very much favored her over others .'


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