autumn scenery 意味

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  • autumn scenery
  • scenery:    scenery n. 風景, 景色; 舞台装置, 背景.【動詞+】We stopped to admire the scenery.足を止めてその風景に見とれたchange the scenery舞台装置を変えるLarge billboards disfigured the scenery.大きな広告板が風景を台なしにしたdismantle scenery舞台装置を解体するWe sat on
  • autumn:    autumn n. 秋; 初老期.【動詞+】We have had a very wet autumn this year.今年の秋は雨が多かったI have reached the autumn of my life.初老期にさしかかった.【+動詞】Autumn is approaching.秋が近づいているAutumn came early this year.今年は秋が早かった.【形容詞
  • in autumn:    秋に


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