avert misfortune 意味

  • 不幸{ふこう}を避ける
  • by misfortune:    不幸にも、不運にも
  • misfortune:    misfortune n. (大きな)不幸, 不運; 災害, 災難.【動詞+】accept a misfortune with resignation不運を(運命と)あきらめて受け入れるavert misfortune《文語》 不幸を避けるbear misfortune cheerfully滅入ることなく不運を忍ぶbear misfortunes with equanimity平然と不幸に堪え
  • avert:    avert v. そらす; 防ぐ.【副詞1】A disaster was only barely averted.もうちょっとで惨事となるところだったI deftly averted the blow.その一撃を巧みにかわしたShe narrowly averted an accident.かろうじて事故を防いだ.【+前置詞】War was averted at the last minute


  1. people wanted to avert misfortune by intentionally leaving the pillar unfinished .


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