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  1. However , there is a theory about this ' back-up miyashogun ' that suggests this plan was never realized due to opposition from masatoshi hotta .
  2. In noh , the chanting of a noh text can be roughly divided into the characters in the play (such as the protagonist (shite ), the nohwaki , tsure et al ), and the back-up chorus of eight people called " jiutai " .
  3. In the kamakura period , both 与力 and 寄騎 were used simply refer to back-up soldiers , but later , these terms came to be more often used for indicating the lower-class samurai who followed daimyo or influential millitary commanders .
  4. A theory suggests that asai and asakura troops , which were outnumbered by oda ' s , provoked a night attack against oda troops and were backing away from them , but they made the enemy retreat with the back-up troops from tokugawa and yokoyama-jo castle .
  5. Exasperated by this , tomomi iwakura conspired with the retainers of the kanetetsu group in the owari domain to make up the above back-up theory or used the rumor , and in the name of order of the imperial court , threatened yoshikatsu to show a bold front .
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