backup candidate 意味

  • 予備候補{よび こうほ}
  • backup:    backup n. 予備, 代替品; 後援, バックアップ; 《米》 バックコーラス.【動詞+】Give me some backup.少し援助してくれmake a backup of a computer fileコンピューターファイルの予備を作るA tactical unit provides backups for patrolling police officers.戦術部隊がパトロー
  • candidate:    candidate n. 候補者; 志願者.【動詞+】The constituency party has not yet adopted a candidate.《英》 選挙母体となる党がまだ公認候補を指名していないback a candidate立候補者を支援するboom a candidate《米》 候補者をはでに宣伝するThis news should boost the candid
  • candidate (for):    candidate (for)立候補者りっこうほしゃ


  1. however , because yamada was accepted as a backup candidate by shochiku , he was able to be a backup for nikkatsu as well , and he joined the company as an assistant director in 1954 .


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