ballistic missile 意味

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  • 弾道ミサイル、弾道弾◆【略】BM


  1. we will shoot down the enemy's interplanetary ballistic missile here .
    副砲 撃ち方 始め! 撃てぇ~!
  2. watching his son launch a ballistic missile onto his own position .
    息子がミサイルを飛ばのを 目の前で見られるなんて
  3. it's a staging ground for pakistan's mobile ballistic missile program .
    弾道ミサイルが保管してある ここが配送拠点だ
  4. captain kozlov ... if you're ready to relieve the commanding officer of a soviet ballistic missile submarine , your captain and your friend because he fainted then you go right ahead .
    コズロフ艦長は... あんたは指揮官を 交代させる気か ソ連 ミサイル潜水艦の艦長で


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