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  1. packed lunch was a set of rice balls wrapped in bamboo sheath or placed in a bamboo basket .
  2. after hearing the situation from hoori , he gave hoori a ride on a small boat (or a tightly woven bamboo basket ).
  3. hakekago (a throw up basket ) is a bamboo basket where the cormorant spits ayu into , and is 39 .4cm caliber and 37 .9cm deep .
  4. she then put the broiled sardines in a bamboo basket , shook off the ashes and quickly served them to takanobu and others .
  5. young people are eating confectionery like a tsubai-mochi , a pear and a mandarin orange mixed on the lid of a bamboo basket , frolicking .' (wakana [young green ] chapter of the tale of genji ) vol .1 .
    「椿い餅、ナシ、柑子やうのものども、様々に筥の蓋どもにとりまぜつつあるを、若きひとびと、そぼれとり食ふ」(源氏物語若菜 (源氏物語)上)


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