bargaining position 意味

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  1. to increase your need , and improve my bargaining position .
  1. with the intense reaction to this , the mokuyo-kai was recognized as a group having a legislative bargaining position in the diet through join of baronial members in other factions and nominated members of the house of peers the following year .
  1. mokuyo-kai refers to a faction within the diet of house of lords (japan ) in the meiji period (july 28 , 1897 - january 26 , 1913 , in addition it was established as a group having a legislative bargaining position in the diet on march 10 , 1898 ).
  1. the date of establishment mentioned above , however , is when the group went through the official procedure to have a legislative bargaining position in the diet; in fact , the gathering had already existed as a social group by the beginning of the year ( " takashi hara diary " ).


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