bastion of conservatism 意味

  • 保守主義{ほしゅ しゅぎ}の砦
  • bastion:    bastion n. 要塞, とりで.【動詞+】The old male bastions, the clubs, have largely been breached by women.昔から男のとりでであったクラブも大方は女性に侵入されてしまったThe Marshal plan aimed at erecting a bastion against Soviet expansionism.
  • conservatism:    conservatism n. 保守主義.【形容詞 名詞+】far-right conservatism極右の保守主義fiscal conservatism財政上の保守主義with a narrow-minded conservatism狭量な保守主義でold-fashioned conservatism旧式な保守主義out-and-out conservatism徹底的な保守主義politi
  • bastion of secularism:    世俗主義の砦


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