battle for 意味

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  • ~を得ようと苦闘{くとう}する、~のために戦う
  • a battle:    a battle一戦いっせん
  • battle:    1battle n. 戦い, 戦闘; 闘争; けんか.【動詞+】avoid (a) battle争いを避けるbreak off a battle戦いをやめるdeliver battle攻撃するdo battle (with the world)(世界を相手に)戦うend a battle戦いを終わらせるenter battle闘争に入るThe battle was fought early i
  • battle on:    戦い続ける


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  1. the next battle for b block will commence
    aブロックは第2試合 bブロックは第1試合を行います。
  2. so about this battle for the position of successor ...
  3. the battle for the future of humanity is about to begin .
  4. true , up until now , it's been a losing battle for mankind .
    真烦人 这就是现实
  5. ive been fighting this battle for the last 20 years .


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