be a friend of 意味

  • be [kéep, màke] a fríend of O
  • friend:    friend n. 友人, 味方, 後援者, 仲間; コネ; 助けとなるもの.【動詞+】abandon a friend友人を見捨てるHis behavior has alienated his friends.彼の行動が友人たちを遠ざけた, 彼の行動が原因で友人たちは彼を見捨てたassist a friend友を助けるHe avoided all his friends after the
  • friend of a friend:    《a ~》友達{ともだち}の友達{ともだち}◆【注意】a friend of "my" friend とは言わない。◆【略】FOAFHe's a friend of a friend. 彼は友達の友達です。You're just a friend of a friend.I got it from a friend of a friend. 友達の友達からもらった。
  • friend of a friend of a friend:    《a ~》友達{ともだち}の友達{ともだち}の友達{ともだち}


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  1. by the way , would that be a friend of yours ?
    ところで そちらはお友達ですか
  2. i met a classmate who remains to be a friend of mine .
  3. i think that might be a friend of hers from her highschool days .
    多分 高校時代からの友達です
  4. claims to be a friend of mr . holmes . you know him ?
    ホームズさんの友人だと言ってますが 知り合いですか?
  5. he was close to hikaru genji in particular among his brothers and he stayed in touch with genji during his dark days (chapter ' suma ' ), and never ceased to be a friend of genji .


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