be caught by 意味

  • be cáught by O
    (1) ?|他|9b .
    (2) ?=be caught in (catch【動】成句).
  • be caught in:    be [gèt]cáught in O 〈雨など〉にあう be caught in a recession 不景気になる/ be caught in a storm あらしにあう.
  • caught:    {動} : catch の過去?過去分詞形--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】ko':t、【@】コート
  • caught in:    《be ~》(渋滞{じゅうたい}?嵐などに)遭うSorry to be late - I was caught in a traffic jam. 遅れてすみません。渋滞に巻き込まれたもので。


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  1. but many can be caught by the chinese police
  2. if you do this , you will be caught by the bat radar .
    こんなことしたら コウモリのレーダーに 引っかかっちまうだろう。
  3. you'll be caught by the police for obstructing justice and getting in the way . well .
    邪魔すると 公務執行妨害で 警察に捕まっちゃいますよ。 ね。
  4. however , they can also be caught by lure fishing (in both cases they are mainly done at night ).
  5. i want him because he set me up to be caught by you ... and for the two mugs he sent in here who tried to shiv me .
    奴は あんたに捕まるよう俺を罠にかけて 俺を殺そうとここに刺客を2人送ってきた


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