be equal to 意味

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  • be equal to

  • be equal with:    be equal with伯仲はくちゅう
  • equal:    1equal n. 匹敵するもの; 同等の人.【動詞+】He has no equal in eloquence.雄弁にかけては彼に匹敵するものはない. have no equal in cooking .marry one's social equal社会的に同等の人と結婚するI never saw its equal.それに匹敵するものを見たことがないI've never seen her
  • equal to:    equal to同様どうよう


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  1. maybe it got so i didn't want to be equal to anymore .
  2. algernons reaction may not be equal to sakuchans
  3. to tell a colored man that he can be equal to a white man ?
    黒人に向かって お前は白人と 同等になれると?
  4. that he can be equal to a white man ?
    お前は白人と 同等になれると?
  5. it will always be equal to corruption


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