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  • be on the defensive
  • defensive:    1defensive n. 守勢.【動詞+】assume the defensive守勢を取る.【前置詞+】be on the defensive守りの体勢にあるAn energetic business policy will keep our competitors on the defensive.精力的な営業方針をとれば競争相手を守勢に立たせておくことができるでしょうput sb on
  • on the defensive:    守勢{しゅせい}に立って、防御姿勢{ぼうぎょ しせい}で、積極性{せっきょく せい}に欠けて
  • (being on the) defensive:    (being on the) defensive守勢しゅせい


  1. so when they try to give back , we shouldn't be on the defensive .
    お返しをしてくれるなら 素直に受けましょう
  2. as long as you carry that huge plate , you'll always have to be on the defensive .
    《北大路:そのでかい皿を 背負うかぎり➡


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