be party to 意味

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  1. I won't be party to it .
    患者はホワイトハウスへの テロ攻撃に関係してるんです
  2. He'll no longer be party to my investigations . he's out of the equation .
    もう私と組むことはないでしょうから 相棒は解消です
  3. Jack , i won't be party to this .
  4. Yet , for all the incredible advancements in science we've all been party to , the mystery that brings two people together through love is still the province of magic .
    多くを学んだ 科学の向上のために 我々は仲間になった 愛を通して2人が 一緒になる神秘ー
  5. However , as kuninobu takeda , who was the shugo for wakasa province , could not send any reinforcements because he was party to a peace treaty made in april and , therefore , ? henmi (逸見真正 ) who was the leader of the takeda camp in tango committed suicide in september , and they smoothly recovered the fief of the isshiki clan in tango .
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