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  • be profitable

  • profitable:    profitable adj. 有利な, 有益な.【副詞】a barely profitable companyかろうじて利益をあげている会社an enormously profitable business非常にもうけの多い商売He made the adventure highly profitable.その投機を非常に利益の多いものにしたThe highly profitable sla
  • to be profitable:    to be profitable合うあう儲かるもうかる引き合うひきあう
  • become profitable:    利益が出る、もうかる、金になる、採算{さいさん}が取れるOnline securities brokers are facing many serious problems, such as the fact that it's not easy to become profitable. オンライン証券会社は、黒字化が容易でないなどの難しい問題に直面している。


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  1. it may not be profitable , but above all else
    採算の問題もありますが 何といっても
  2. who is interested in doing it . you can still be profitable .
  3. the whole green dream because it can be profitable .
    こういった環境問題への夢の対応策 - 採算性がある
  4. can't be profitable for the both of us .
  5. when walmart declares it's going to go green and be profitable


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