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  1. This isn't about being soft on terrorism .
  2. You're the only one i'm being soft on !
    奴は商品だ 常に大切に だ
  3. You have always been soft on him .
    俺達は 規約に従い扱うぞ
  4. One , the judge is soft on the educationallychallenged and nobody got shot .
    甘い判事で 銃弾を受けた者もいない
  5. Yoritomo was soft on his wife and children , he gladly sent an envoy to masako hojo reporting that minamoto no yoriie , yoritomo ' s twelve year old son , brought down a deer in fuji no makigari (hunting session at mt . fuji ) and masako told yoritomo off saying it is a matter of course for a son of samurai .
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