be sold on 意味

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  • be sóld on O
    (1) 〈考えなど〉をよいと思い込んでいる(?|他|5 ).
    (2) …に夢中である,熱中している.
  • not to be sold:    売り物にあらず
  • sold:    Sold売約済みばいやくすみ
  • sold as it is:    《be ~》そのままの状態{じょうたい}で売られる


  1. who sold it ? it doesn't seem to be sold on the market
    販売ルートは? メーカーのものではないようで
  2. previously , " unagi-bento " (a box lunch containing broiled eel , commonly known as " una-ben " ) used to be sold on the tokaido shinkansen (and partly on the sanyo shinkansen ), but that is no longer the case .


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