be split in two 意味



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  1. The country is splitting in two .
    国を二分する合戦か。 まあ しかし 他国の騒ぎと
  2. If itosan's plan is exposed at this stage , the shinsengumi will be split in two .
    [tel]この段階で 伊東さんの計画が 露見すれば?
  3. I will not let this republic that has stood for a thousand years ... be split in two .
    私は数千年続いたこの共和国を 崩壊させるつもりはない
  4. The name came from an anecdote that a dragonfly perched on its tip and was split in two .
  5. Under such circumstances , the implementation of state affairs was stagnant , let alone haihan-chiken , and the new government faced a crisis of being split in two .
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