beam 意味

発音記号: [ bi:m ]発音を聞く   beamの例文
  • a beam:    a beam梁はり
  • beam at:    ~に笑顔{えがお}を見せる、~に輝くように笑いかける
  • beam on:    (人)に微笑みかける


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  1. in this machine , a beam of protons and antiprotons
    この装置では 陽子と反陽子のビームが
  2. and we can see the planets beam out just like that .
  3. sir , i recommend we beam it into space immediately .
  4. that's what makes the balance beam so challenging .
    だから平均台は やりがいがあるのね
  5. by sending out a pulse that's a laser beam of light .


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