beautified 意味

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  • {他動} : 美しくする、美化{びか}する
    【発音】bju':tэfa`i、【@】ビューティファイ、ビューテファイ、【変化】《動》beautifies | beautifying | beautified、【分節】beau?ti?fy


  1. as the main character was played by higashiyama , who was a teenage star at that time , yoshitsune was extremely beautified , and yoshitsune did not die but escaped to ezochi (hokkaido ) in the end; kagetoki trapped yoshitsune with his evil intentions , chased him to hiraizumi and was killed by yoshitsune: a story line that totally ignored historical facts .
  2. the reason why chiba and kazusa no suke clans supported yoritomo was not only because they both were the servants of minamoto clan as beautified by " azuma kagami ," but to repel the invasion of the fujiwara clan of shimousa province and the satake clan of hitachi province by supporting yoritomo and to recover their stolen estate as a gamble to turn things around from facing a complete defeat .
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