beautiful estate 意味

  • 美しい屋敷{やしき}
  • beautiful:    beautiful adj. 美しい.【副詞】She looked absolutely beautiful.すごく美しかったan astonishingly beautiful work of art驚くほど美しい芸術作品She was bewitchingly beautiful.うっとりするほど美しかったa deliciously beautiful fernとても美しいシダeerily
  • to be beautiful:    to be beautiful艶めくつやめく
  • estate:    estate n.(1) 地所; 《英》 団地; 〔法律〕 財産, 遺産; 不動産.【動詞+】accumulate an estate財産を作るacquire an estate財産を手に入れるadminister the estate of a deceased person故人の財産を管理するauction off a bankrupt's estate破産者の財産を競売で売るbequea


  1. you know i get sentimental , and i was going through some of mother's old sheavework and i came across a description of a planet she claimed was the most rare and beautiful estate she ever owned .
    懐かしくて母の古い資料を調べました 彼女が最も珍しいという 惑星の記述を見つけました これまでに所有した美しい星で


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