become a mere facade 意味

  • 形骸化{けいがいか}する
  • become a matter of mere assertion:    単なる思い付きで主張{しゅちょう}する事態{じたい}となる
  • become a mere servant of:    ~の単なる使用{しよう}[奉公{ほうこう}]人と化す、~の下請けに過ぎなくなる
  • become a mere vegetable:    心身ともに不活発になる、植物状態になる、無為徒食の生活をする


  1. in 1069 , the decree restricting the expansion of private estates was issued and a contract office to record estates was established , followed by the issuance of the silk fabric regulation in 1070 and the setting of the enkyu measuring cup by the emperor ' s order; the official measuring cup and the price regulation were established in 1072 , and the emperor tried to build a strong financial base for the imperial court , which had been destabilized due to the system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo codes and had become a mere facade .


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