become prominent 意味

発音を聞く:   become prominentの例文
  • 顕著{けんちょ}になる
  • become increasingly prominent:    ますます顕著{けんちょ}になる
  • prominent:    prominent adj. 突きでた; 傑出した; 著名な.【副詞】briefly prominentつかの間人目を引くbecome increasingly prominentますます顕著になるone's socially prominent father社会的に著名な父親His white beard made his blue eyes strikingly prominent.その白
  • to be prominent:    to be prominent際立つきわだつずば抜けるずばぬける


  1. the led display unit , instead of a direction-displaying cloth , has become prominent recently for displaying a destination/route on route buses , but such a unit has been introduced only partially in the kyoto city buses and the cloth display is still used mainly in these buses (a different color has been used for the buses for each of " uniform fare route ," " circular route " and " multi-section route " as described later , and it ' s said that this fact largely affects the use of direction-displaying cloths ).
  2. this kanpu has conventionally been interpreted as having been issued to have taira no yoshikane , taira no sadamori and mimamoto no mamoru subjugate masakado; however , because inconsistencies arose between the facts preceding and following the event , another theory , holding that yoshikane and others had angered the imperial court when yoshikane and sadamori attacked ikuha no mimaya , which officially belong to meryo (the section taking care of imperial horses ), and that masakado had received the kanpu as an order to subdue them , has become prominent .


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