bed in 意味

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  • {名} : <→BED-IN>
  • bed:    1bed n. ベッド, 寝台; 苗床; 河床; (石炭などの)層; (印刷の)版盤.【動詞+】do a bedベッドを用意するfold (up) a bed(折りたたみ式の)ベッドをたたむget a bed at a hotelホテルの予約を取るThey get bed and board at his house.彼の家にまかないつきで下宿しているThe hospital has sixt
  • bed-in:    {名} : ベッドイン
  • by the bed:    枕元{まくらもと}に


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  1. please , please , i'll go back to bed in ten minutes .
    頼むから 10分でベッドに入る
  2. yes , and in our bedroom , we'll place a bed in it .
    寝室には ベッドという寝具を置いて
  3. i mean , it is what gets me up out of bed in the morning .
  4. (video ) computer: a cat lying on a bed in a blanket .
  5. so what's the point of getting out bed in the morning ?
    じゃあ 朝起きる意味は?


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