beginning and ending 意味

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  • beginning and ending
  • a strong beginning and a weak ending:    a strong beginning and a weak ending竜頭蛇尾りゅうとうだび
  • ending:    ending n. 終了, 結末.【動詞+】The director changed the ending of the movie.監督はその映画の結末を変更した.【形容詞 名詞+】case endings〔文法〕 格変化語尾chess endingsいろいろなチェスの詰め方a feminine ending〔詩学〕 女性行末; 〔文法〕 女性語尾a film's ending映画の結末A
  • (the) beginning:    (the) beginning草創期そうそうき


  1. among japanese swords , the regular size of uchigatana in the edo period is about 70cm in blade length except at the very beginning and ending period , due to regulations of the edo shogunate (swords of more than about 88cm , that is nodachi or field sword , were banned ).
  2. however , a form specific to shimai is originally choreographed so that the beginning and ending parts are settled , and in other parts , forms are also choreographed toward raising the symbolic nature of the whole by revising the choreography that has a strong nature of ateburi (expressing the meaning of verses by dancing ).


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