beginning to dominate 意味

  • 《be ~》優位{ゆうい}に立ちつつある
  • dominate:    dominate v. 支配する; 優勢な位置を占める; 見下ろす.【副詞1】dominate a nation commercially and industriallyある国民の商業と産業をぎゅうじるdominate effectively効率よく支配するOur competitor's product almost entirely dominated the market.わが社の競争
  • dominate in:    ~で優位を占める、~に普及する◆【名】dominationAnd conflict always dominated in literature all the way back.I have never been dominated in my life.
  • to dominate:    to dominate覇を唱えるはをとなえる圧するあっする


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