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  1. He maintained a behind-the-scenes influence amongst the court nobles and held important positions such as head priest of ise-jingu shrine .
  2. It seems he was very proud of his work as an engineer , but he appears to have accepted his role as a behind-the-scenes player .
  3. However , the regent ' s family was using its position behind-the-scenes to influence the formation of a kawachi-genji (minamoto clan ) powerbase in the eastern provinces .
  4. After that , a behind-the-scenes political struggle began in the imperial court in the form of a face-off between the side of emperor reigen and fuyutsuna ichijo and the side of motohiro konoe .
  5. The " nhk feature/the world of akira kurosawa " broadcasted by japan broadcasting corporation exposed behind-the-scenes secrets during the production of ' kagemusha .'
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