benefit 意味

発音記号: [ 'benifit ]発音を聞く   benefitの例文
  • for benefit:    for O's bénefit Click...
  • for the benefit of:    ~のために、(反語的{はんご てき}に使って)~への当てつけにTell us what you are wearing, for the benefit of our listeners. リスナーのために、あなたが何を着ているか教えてください。
  • of benefit:    《be ~》得になる


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  1. seems your bishop was of some benefit after all .
    どうも君のビショップに やられたようだ
  2. an even more important benefit for our country .
    私達の国に さらに大きな恩恵をもたらします
  3. i know you were only suggesting that for my benefit .
  4. but we can still benefit from cheating at a low degree
  5. to the 15th annual eagles and angels benefit .
    イーグルスとエンジェルスの 15周年パーティに


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