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  1. Kee-chung sohn won the marathon at the berlin olympics .
    - 孫基禎、ベルリンオリンピックマラソンで優勝
  2. After kanaguri finished all the competitions , mishima , delegation chief kano , and kanaguri pledged together to revenge in berlin olympics that would be held 4-year later in 1916 , and left sweden before the closing ceremony to go to germany where next olympics would take place .
    金栗の競技も終えると、嘉納団長、金栗と語らって4年後のベルリンオリンピック (1916年)での雪辱を誓い、閉会式を待たずに出国、次大会開催国であるドイツに向かった。
  3. At the 1936 berlin olympics , when some japanese swimmers wore rokushaku fundoshi during practice in berlin (though it was not used in official competitions ), foreign reporters , suspecting that the secret of the japanese swimmers ' speed lay in fundoshi swimwear , bombarded them with enquiries and some reporters requested to have commemorative photographs taken with swimmers wearing fundoshi .
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