beset with 意味

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  • 《be ~》~で悩んで
  • beset:    beset v. 包囲する; 悩ます, つきまとう.【副詞1】The economy is gravely beset by inflation and other ills.経済はインフレその他の不調によって深刻に悩まされているbe sorely beset痛々しいほど悩まされる.【+前置詞】The settlers were often beset by Indians.開拓者たちはしばし
  • beset by evils:    諸悪{しょあく}に取り囲まれた
  • beset by a big crisis:    《be ~》大きな危機{きき}に苦しむ


  1. tangonokuni was then beset with turmoil as it faced constant attacks by the hosokawa and takeda clans , as well as gekokujo (a coup ).
  2. it was right around this time that due to these new decrees , the court started receiving a flood of land-related problems as well as court cases and requests for rewards , and chaos caused by conflicts of authority between the mechanisms of the newly established records office and so forth began to arise; the fact that the new government was beset with problems had come to light very quickly .


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