bigoted 意味

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  • bigoted christian:    頑迷{がんめい}なキリスト教徒{きょうと}
  • bigoted distrust:    下種{げす}の勘ぐり
  • bigoted family:    (宗教問題{しゅうきょう もんだい}?人種問題{じんしゅ もんだい}などに)強い偏見{へんけん}を持つ家族{かぞく}


  1. could have put me on with a bigoted jerk .
  2. and growing up in a bigoted household
  3. well , i always knew that you were , uh , closedminded about visualize , but i never thought you were actually bigoted .
    君が ヴィジュアライズの考えを 受け入れないことは ずっと知っていたけど こんなに偏屈だとは思わなかったな
  4. on the other hand , yoritomo is described as a person who did not hide his cruelty towards his younger brothers , and in the scene of shizuka gozen ' s dance , in contrast to the dignified two women , shizuka and masako , his is maliciously depicted as a narrow-minded and bigoted person .


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