bilaterally symmetric 意味

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  • bilaterally-symmetric:    {形} : 左右対称{さゆう たいしょう}な
  • bilaterally:    {副} : 双方で、両方に、相互に、左右相称に◆【結び付く動詞(頻度順)】working, negotiated, resolved, dispute, fixedTrade agreements were negotiated bilaterally.You must learn to think globally instead of bilaterally.We are working
  • bilaterally symmetrical:    左右対称性の


  1. it is a new england georgia style building and its characteristic is bilaterally symmetric appearance .
  2. similar to the shinmei-zukuri style , the nagare-zukuri style is bilaterally symmetric , and an even number of columns are provided in the width direction .
  3. in order to fasten fundoshi properly , the yoko-fundoshi should be wound above the hipbone , the front sack should be below the navel , when the maedare is dropped it should be crossed with the tate-fundoshi many times before fastening , the front sack should be formed into a perfect isosceles triangle , in fastening doubly the upper cloth should not wrinkle up at the point of the front sack or be dislocated vertically from the under cloth , the genitals should be totally covered , the tate-fundoshi should not slant horizontally and should be wrapped tightly around the yoko-fundoshi , the cloth of the fundoshi should be fastened in a bilaterally symmetric style and should not be too long , and the pubic hair should not show .


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