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  • bill broker
  • broker:    broker n. 仲買人, ブローカー.【動詞+】He directed his broker to sell the stock.仲買人にその株を売るように指示した.【+動詞】The broker executed the transaction for his client.その仲買人は客の取引業務を行なったThe firm is the biggest foreign broker o
  • a bill:    a bill勘定書かんじょうしょ
  • bill:    1bill n.(1) 手形; 証券; 《米》 紙幣.【動詞+】accept a bill of exchange手形(の支払い)を引き受けるback a bill for a friend《米》 友人のために手形に裏書するI'll have to break my last $100 bill.最後の 100 ドル紙幣を(小銭に)くずさねばなるまいbuy a treasury bill財務省


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