bit 意味

発音記号: [ bit ]発音を聞く   bitの例文
  • (not) a bit:    (not) a bit分厘ぶんりん
  • a bit:    a bit一毫いちごうちっとちと一分一厘いちぶいちりん聊か些か些さかいささか
  • bit of:    《a ~》少しの~、ちょっとの、少量の~、1個の、一片の~Let's have a bit of quiet(, please). どうぞお静かに。If there had been even a bit of good to come out of this deal, we would have tried to improve the relationship more seriousl


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  1. but i think it was a bit of a shock to yosuke .
    ただ 洋弼は ちょっとショックだったみたい
  2. i have been thinking about you a little bit . about me ?
    近頃 君の事を少し考えてる
  3. carbon dioxide , rain fall and a little bit of sunshine .
  4. you could have kept a little bit rice for us .
    ちょっとぐらい 米 残しときゃよかったのに。
  5. all right there , just step a little bit closer .


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