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  1. But it just blends in with everything else .
  2. Undercover , yo . you got to blend in with your surroundings .
    潜伏してんだぞ 周りに溶け込まなきゃよ
  3. All we have to do is highlight its spectacular features and blend in with them .
    山の素晴らしい特徴を強調しながら 時計を周りに融合させる事だけです
  4. In the middle and early modern ages , the term onmyoji consequently no longer meant bureaucrats in onmyoryo , but came to mean non-government civilian worker onmyoji performing kaji kito (removing bad spirits by offering prayers ) or divinations personally requested by common people in the private sectors and their onmyodo went through unique transitions being blended in with popular faith and ethnic rituals in various regions .
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