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  • blighted
  • blighted area:    胴枯れ地帯{ちたい}、荒廃地区{こうはい ちく}
  • blighted by drugs:    《be ~》薬物{やくぶつ}により破滅{はめつ}させられる
  • blighted district:    荒廃{こうはい}した地区{ちく}[地域{ちいき}]


  1. at one time the trees were blighted by pine weevils , and were in danger of being wiped out .
  2. desertification and advancing the dry state of land mostly starts when plants are blighted due to a slight shortage of water , for example , caused by dry weather .
  3. a survey among more than 2 ,500 adults conducted by the british government , karaoke won first place with 22% over mobile phones and so on as ' the most irritating invention to have blighted britain .'
  4. set in goban-cho (kyoto city ), a red-light district existed until the anti-prostitution law was enforced in 1958 , this is a blighted love story between a girl who came from tango to feed her family and a young priest who was her childhood friend .
    1958年の売春防止法施行まで存在していた五番町 (京都市)遊廓を舞台に家族を養うために丹後からきた少女とその幼馴染である学生僧の悲恋を描いた小説である。
  5. however , the hichiriki flute requires a close distance between the holes , the material is blighted , old , and dried , and it is bamboo that has been smoked in the ceiling above a fireplace (a sunken hearth ) in a farmhouse in daily life for three hundred to three hundred fifty years , so it is very hard and fragile .
    一方、篳篥は穴の間隔が近く、使う素材は枯れて古く乾燥し、農家の囲炉裏の天井で 300 年~ 350 年、日々の生活の中で燻(いぶ)されたスス竹であるため非常に堅く割れやすい。
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