bloom late 意味

  • 花が遅い
  • to bloom late:    to bloom late咲き残るさきのこる
  • bloom in mid-to-late spring:    春の半ばから終わりにかけて花が咲く
  • bloom:    1bloom n. 花, 開花; 盛り; バラ色, 輝き, 健康美; 新鮮さ; ろう状の粉.【動詞+】This fruit still has a bloom on it.この果物にはいまだに白い粉がふいているfruit that still has its original bloom on it取りたての新鮮さをまだ保っている果物These peaches will not keep th


  1. they typically bloom late , after the 20th of april , wrapping up the end of the season in kyoto - a town with many famous cherry trees .


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