blot 意味

発音記号: [ blɔt ]発音を聞く   blotの例文
  • a blot:    a blot名折れなおれ
  • to blot:    to blot染みを付けるしみをつける滲むにじむ
  • blot hybridization:    ブロット?ハイブリダイゼーション


  1. did you ever want cut away a piece of your memory or blot it out ?
    消し去りたい 思い出が
  2. our arrows will blot out the sun .
  3. make way , or i'll blot you out .
  4. kaishu katsu at the age of 25 , who aimed at ascetic practices of western studies , rented " doeff halma " at the cost of 10 ryo (a currency unit ) a year (equivalent of about 1 .2 to 1 .3 million yen ) from a doctor of dutch medical science , genii akagi , despite his poverty , and he devoted one year to producing two copies of its manuscript while making the ink that did not blot , or the pen by shaving the feathers of birds .


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