blow a bugle 意味

  • ラッパを吹く
  • blow a strong blast on one's bugle:    ラッパを高らかに吹く
  • bugle:    bugle n. らっぱ.【動詞+】blow a bugleらっぱを吹くplay a bugleらっぱを吹くAt 5 o'clock the bugle was sounded. 5時にらっぱが鳴った.【+動詞】The bugle called them to arms.らっぱが彼らに戦闘準備を命じたThe bugle gave the signal to charge.らっぱが鳴って突撃の合
  • on the bugle:    臭い、悪臭[不快なにおい]がして


  1. although seldom seen today , the tofu seller blow a bugle when carrying tofu on his sales route , mainly in the kanto region .


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