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  • {名} : <→BLOW-BY>
  • a blow:    a blow一打ちひとうち一本いっぽん一打いちだ一泡ひとあわ一撃いちげき
  • at a blow:    たちまち、一挙{いっきょ}に、一撃{いちげき}で、突然{とつぜん}
  • blow:    1blow n. 殴打, 強打, 打撃, ショック, 不幸.【動詞+】A helmet will absorb a blow to the head.ヘルメットは頭への衝撃を吸収してくれるI aimed a blow at his head with my cane.つえで彼の頭に一発くらわせようとしたHe blocked the blow.その一撃をブロックしたHis thick cloth


  1. the toban army had a fatal blow by the attack , resulting in falling back to regroup their forces .
  2. the silla-tang allied forces decided to wipe out the allied forces of wakoku and kudara in one blow by simultaneously advancing via land and sea .
  3. during the meiji period , ryobu shinto was dealt a devastating blow by the separation of buddhism and shintoism in the first year of meiji . this resulted in it losing its status as the mainstream shinto doctrine .
  4. in 760 , nakamaro became taishi (grand minister ) and also asakari , who was the mutsu chinju shogun , was praised for his performance in mutsu province (he had constructed okachinoki castle without a blow by converting the araemishi people to the imperial system ) and was given the position of jushiinoge (junior fourth rank , lower grade ).


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